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Value Investing: Where to Look for Hidden Value?

The essential task of a value investor is to determine the intrinsic value of a security in order to take advantage of...

Macro & Microfundamentalist Value Investing: Does It Work?

Value investing, as defined by Benjamin Graham, is a strategy of buying securities only when their market prices are...

Black Tuesday: Vanished Hopes on Wall Street

Throughout the 1920s, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) served as the financial heart of the United States.

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Notable People in History Podcast

Come along with me and explore the lives of Archimedes, Autherine Lucy, Abraham Lincoln, Cleopatra, Thomas Edison, Harriet Tubman, Galileo Galilei, Madeleine Albright, Albert Einstein, Wangari Maathai, Ctesibius, Valentina Tereshkova, Chiune Sugihara, … and others who’ve greatly influenced society.

Abigail Adams: Remember the Ladies

In this episode of Notable People in History podcast, we’ll take a look at the life of Abigail Adams, the first woman to serve as Second Lady of the United States and the second woman to serve as First Lady. She was also the mother of the sixth President, John Quincy Adams.