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Investing 101: How Investing Works

This post is a compilation of recent articles and covers topics such as value investing, the stock market crash of 1929, fundamental analysis, where to look for companies to invest in and what to look for.

Over a two or three year period, yesterday’s out of favor stocks tend to outperform.


Black Tuesday: Vanished Hopes on Wall Street

Beginning with Black Tuesday which took place on October 29, 1929, this post explores contributing factors to the market crash which led to the Great Depression.

Fundamental Analysis: A Guide to Mastering the Essentials

What is fundamental analysis and how can it be used to guide in your decision in selecting which companies to invest in.

Macro & Microfundamentalist Value Investing: Does It Work?

Fundamental investing from the standpoint of the macrofundamentalist and the microfundamentalist.

Value Investing: Where to Look for Hidden Value?

How to identify value stocks and some undesirable characteristics to look for.

Value Investing: The Way of Berkshire Hathaway

What Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway look for when investing in businesses.

Bear Markets: A Brief Overview

What is a bear market? What causes a bear market? Are bear markets always followed by a recession?

How to Pick Stocks for the Long Term: A Brief Overview

The best return on your investment is to buy stocks of businesses you know and hold for the long term.


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