About eBrand Me Digital Marketing…

A South Florida based marketing consulting company based on authentic social experiences.

I’m Lawrence. I started in marketing in 2009 during the housing market crash. I was working at a local news publisher, and in my off-time, I started a blog which no longer exists; Cook Mix Mingle.

I had the loftiest of ideas of what I wanted it to become, but none of that was realized for various reasons. They say that doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will, and that was true in this case. Without a business plan, I knew that I wanted it to be a digital media publication to connect South Florida through food, cocktails, and cultural events. Eventually, expanding through the US. The slogan was “Cook Like a Chef, Mix Like a Bartender, Mingle Like a Local.”

What sparked the idea was that with so many having been laid off, luxuries like a night out weren’t prioritized as part of a person’s budget… but that shouldn’t have stopped you from connecting with others. Why not mix your own cocktails—or those of your favorite bartender? Cook your own food—or those of your favorite restaurant—and invite others over. Then still head out to the local events, which had the added benefit of keeping the local economy going and people employed.

That idea wasn’t realized and I ended up selling the site for an amount I won’t even mention here. Fast forward to today and I’ve learned a lot that I wish I’d known which make me confident in offering my services to you, both as a digital marketing consultant and small business owner.

Tell me more about you and your business. What are some of the pain points that you’re experiencing?

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Located in South Florida, eBrand Me is a registered State Women-Owned Business Enterprise (SWBE) offering Marketing & Consultative Services to small business owners and solo entrepreneurs and focuses on creating long-term value by focusing on authentic social experiences.