About the Company…

A Chatham County, Georgia based marketing consulting company based on authentic social experiences.

Located in Chatham County, Georgia, eBrand Me is a registered State Women-Owned Business Enterprise (SWBE) offering Marketing & Consultative Services to small business owners and solo entrepreneurs. Started by Lawrence Jean-Louis, a multifaceted marketing professional with a demonstrated history of working in the publishing, arts, and financial services industries, eBrand Me focuses on creating long-term value by focusing on authentic social experiences.

To quote Thomas Edison, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” While she excelled in the corporate environment, her heart has always been to become an “entrepreneur.” A journey that’s been both eye-opening and painful. Having learned — and still learning — from these experiences, her aim is to ensure that your business venture won’t be one of the many who fail within the first 5 years.

She is the author of Drunken Philosophy, Poop! Random Words, Musings and Insight and most recently Color Your Word! A Creativity Outlet for Nerdy Adults.