2021: The Year in Review

It’s the first day of January 2022 as I write this. Similar to last year, I wanted to express my gratitude to everyone who’s visited eBrand Me and contributed to its organic growth—of 15% over last year’s traffic—with eyeballs spanning the globe from the US,  Canada, UK, India, Australia and more. Thank you!

I shared less than I did in 2020, and by less I mean zero. Instead, spent 2021 actively working on growing beYOUteous, my eCommerce store offering a line of handcrafted beaded jewelry which aims to spread the message for embracing individuality, feminine strength, and empowerment.

Not only that, but working towards getting my ducks in a row in general.  One important goal this year, is the growth of both eBrand Me, and myself as a digital marketing consultant.

Some things that I’m proud of accomplishing over these past 365 days include developing further as a writer. My next book, That’s Just My Baby Daddy, highlights 12 men who’ve contributed greatly to society has a target publish date of March 16. For regular updates, you can subscribe to the bi-weekly LinkedIn newsletter.

Each alternate week, I write and publish features on women in the topics of female empowerment, STEM, black history on the beYOUteous blog, Random Musings.

I’ve also started sharing my photography and digital work on Society6 and FineArtAmerica. One aim is to make available the majority of the creative from Color Your Word! A Creativity Outlet for Nerdy Adults as print and actual products.

Lastly, starting in July, I began writing on Medium each Friday morning. More things took place than I care to share here but you can read about when you subscribe to the newsletter for my author page where I publish a monthly newsletter.

I look forward to actively working on eBrand Me and obtaining long-term clients. Hopefully you’ll be one of them.

Wishing you a wonderful 2022. Here are the top 5 most visited posts this past year.

Bonds, Bubbles, Bust, & Michael Burry in “The Big Short”

A review of The Big Short, based on the true story surrounding the housing market crash from the viewpoints of Mark Baum, Charlie Geller, Jamie Shipley, and Michael Burry (then head of Scion Capital).

It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you in trouble. It’s what you know for sure just ain’t so.

How Joseph Lister Inspired Listerine and Louis Pasteur the Term Pasteurization

For the third year in a row, How Joseph Lister Inspired Listerine and Louis Pasteur the Term Pasteurization, made it to the top 5. In this post, you’ll learn more about Louis Pasteur, the artist turned chemist born 1822 in Dole, France, who inspired Joseph  Lister — and is best known for his explanation on how heat treatment made foods safer —  from which the term pasteurization is derived. He is remembered for his breakthroughs in the causes and prevention of diseases, and created the first vaccines for rabies and anthrax. At one point, Listerine, was once presented as a solution to clean your floors, your scalp, and even gonorrhea.

10 South Florida Incubators that Support Small Businesses & Startups

Many small businesses face some of the same problems in their early days such as financing, marketing, and mentorship. Yet, there are solutions available to assist along the way.

One of these are your local incubators, essentially an organization that offers small business & startups resources needed to develop within a shared space.

Ray Harryhausen: Monsters, Myths & Lore

Born the only child to Martha and Fred W. Harryhausen on June 6, 1920, Ray Harryhausen was the grandson of Frederick L. Harryhausen who’d migrated to San Francisco from Germany in the 1850s.

Discover or revisit some of his work, such as 20 Million Miles to Earth, Jason and the Argonauts, Clash of the Titans, and The Golden Voyage of Sinbad.

“Looking back, I always knew in my head what I was aiming for, but alongside that was the fear I wouldn’t succeed.”

—Ray Harryhausen

A History & Evolution of Communication: Verbal, Written, Visual

While today we can call up a friend as if we were a guest on the gameshow “Who Wants to be a Millionaire,” back then communicating over long distances might’ve taken place in the form of smoke signals, drums, or fires as in the case of Gerolamo Cardano — who suggested that five torches on five towers could be used to spell out letters, with all five beacons figuring in the code as “light” or “dark.” A precursor to binary code.

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